What is GATE Symposium?
"A GATE Symposium provides a forum for a students to present  their interests and hard work. The program is called "GATE" because is uses GATE strategies, such as GATE Depth and Complexity icons and Content Imperatives, as well as GATE Universal Themes within the curriculum. The program provides mentor ship, GATE strategies, rigor, and creativity to students who are will to participate, motivated to learn, and inspired by challenging work (Sharon Romeo, Deborah Park, Park, April Salas 2018)."

Who is working on TEAM A-10?

Ones that are working on TEAM A-10 for the GATE Symposium Project are two 8th graders at a Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School in Santa Ana, CA. Names include Omar Villa and Rafael Garnica with mentor being their 8th grade honor language arts teacher, Deborah Park (AKA Ms,Park)